Some new additions!!

Hey everyone! I hope spring is finding you all well and excited about EVERYTHING GETTING GREEN AGAIN! I don’t know why this year it seems to be so much more exciting to me than usual, but I am seriously done with the winter thing…

Today I picked these…

I am going to dry them. And then I infuse them in olive oil for a while.

And then…the most amazing lotion. It’s yellow and fresh and moisturizing! I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

I also made this.

This. Stuff. Smells like heaven. And your skin will LOVE 💕 IT.

And lastly but of course not least…Dirty Girl Gardeners Lotion is back and so much better than before! It now has Aragan oil and pumpkin seed oil, these are two new products I have been experimenting with that I just love!

I will also be working on more soy candles and should have some different fragrances ready by the weekend!!

Cheers all! Have a great rest of your week!